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At fiftein we aren't buying into 'the lower the calorie count the healthier the gelato' trend that is currently plaguing the global gelato market.

And why would we when research clearly shows us that not all calories are created equal?

So how are we any different?

Well we looked at the composition of gelato and rebuilt it from the ground up, rejigging the macros to suit the lifestyles we live. 

We've upped the protein, reduced the overrun (air pumped into it), sacked the sugar and combined a unique blend of naturally sourced ingredients to create our nutrient-dense and highly functional products.

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Everyday Athlete

"A person who consciously embraces a healthy and physically active lifestyle, in order to live life to its fullest potential each and everyday."

Est. 1970 | Reimagined. 2019

So what do you need to know about us?

We are third generation gelato makers with a shared belief that happiness and health go hand in hand.

We bring over 30+ years of experience in the gelato and ice-cream industry.

We are challenging the industry norms by creating a healthy, nutrient-rich gelato that tastes bloody great.

Alex Pagonis - Founder

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Michael Tannos - Founder

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